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Barry Olsen - "Technology and Interpreting - Three Questions on Every Interpreter’s Mind" 08.04.2016


The tools the world uses to communicate are changing, and as global multilingual communication goes, so must interpreting follow.  Technology is radically changing the way organizations and individuals meet, interact and share information (think Skype, Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx and BlueJeans, to name just a few of today’s popular platforms). As interpreters, we must pay attention to these trends, because the tried and true ways of meeting face to face, while not disappearing, are now part of a much broader set of options when it comes to communicating, negotiating or transacting business, in one language or many.

In the video above I’ve tried to answer three questions that are probably on every interpreter’s mind to one extent or another:

1. How is technology affecting interpreting today?

2. Will technology remove interpreters from the meeting room?

3. Will I be replaced by technology?

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