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It’s all about communication - the rest is technology

Interprefy offers standard stand-alone cloud-based solutions as well as tailor-made hybrid solutions in combination with on-site audio equipment, depending on the technical conditions of the venue and the requirements of the organisers.

Remote Interpreting: Configurations


Stand-Alone Automated Cloud-Based Solution:
  • Speaker and audience use only their smartphones, tablets or laptops to listen to the remote interpreter, no further equipment is needed
  • Interprefy’s platform can be accessed via the “Interprefy” mobile app, which can be downloaded for free for both iOS and Android devices or via Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera browser
  • No on-site booths or audio equipment are required – just a stable Wi-Fi connection or mobile network
  • Fast set-up, ideal for smaller audiences
  • When the Internet connection is created by a wireless hotspot or by using mobile data network, a completely mobile event can be created.


When the venue room is already equipped with microphones and possibly cameras, the Interprefy Solution can connect to this AV equipment, benefitting from an already optimized sound and video system.
  • The presenter speaks into the microphone connected to the on-site audio system.
  • The Interprefy platform is connected to the local audio system through a laptop with sound card.
  • High-quality video of the speaker and venue from one or several cameras can be streamed to the interpreter
  • Sound and video is monitored by a local on-site AV technician
  • Audience uses smart devices to hear the interpreting.


  • Similar to the Interprefy Hybrid configuration, but with a radio/IR transmitter and traditional headphones at the venue. The audio signal from the interpreters is streamed to the Interprefy laptop, which is connected to the transmitter
  • Any problems with Wi-Fi streaming to the audience are avoided
  • Compared to traditional configuration, user experience is unchanged.
  • Ideal if delegates don’t have smartphones or cannot be expected to download apps onto their smartphones
  • Additional languages can be easily set up without having to install booths for the interpreters.


Solution in combination with a traditional tour guide system:
  • The speaker or guide uses a smartphone as microphone and transmitter
  • A second smartphone is used as receiver, it feeds the interpreter’s voice from the headset connection into the mobile tour guide system.
  • The tour guide system streams audio directly to the attendees’ receivers
  • As an alternative, a mobile hotspot or a mobile phone can be used to build a local Wi-Fi which transmits the audio from the interpreters to the mobile phones of the group


Solution in combination with interpreters working from off-site booths:
  • In order to provide interpreters with a familiar working environment, they can work from traditional booths located at interpreting agencies or academic institutions.
  • A high degree of stability is achieved by having interpreters work in a central location and under controlled conditions.
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