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Pioneering change with technology

What does Swiss psychiatrist and balloonist, Bertrand Piccard and the Interprefy team have in common? Aside from heaps of ambition, we share a commitment to raise awareness around protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

 So, you can imagine our delight then when Interprefy was selected to provide its services to the pioneering event, run by myclimate and with Bertrand Piccard as a guest of honour. 

myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection – both locally and globally. The Swiss Non-Profit Organisation wants to shape the future together with its partners through consultation, education and climate protection projects. 

Mr Piccard, besides being known for his circumnavigation with his Solar Impulse 2 plane driven only by solar energy, is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. And his achievements struck a chord with Interprefy. At the event, he placed emphasis on the need for an evidenced-based approach:

If people are not interested in climate protection, you have to convince them that climate protection is profitable. Our goal is to find and support 1,000 profitable solutions for the environment and climate and basically take them to the governments circumnavigating the world a second time!” 

We recognize that technology has a powerful role to play in the fight against climate change. Our platform has the potential to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels needed for thousands of flights; eliminate the need for thousands of flights, hotel accommodation and equipment transportation and thereby significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Following the event, commenting on the Interprefy platform, Kai Landwehr from myclimate, said: “The experience we had with Interprefy was outstanding and we are strong advocates of this technology. We’re looking forward to working with Interprefy again.


Bertrand Piccard. Photo Credits to Thomas Egli / myclimate” Bertrand Piccard, photo credits to Thomas Egli / myclimate


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