Li Tin Chu from Beijing, China 04.03.2016

I have been working as a professional conference interpreter (SI & CI) for almost 25 years, mainly working both-ways with Chinese Mandarin, English and Spanish, French is my passive language. I have never thought that one day there would be such a magical technology to help me to carry out my SI assignments. It allows me to work comfortably anywhere I find quiet and undisturbed, I do not need to be travelling around and suffering from jet-lags. Truly wonderful! Some colleagues already mentioned about Remote SI technology a few years back, I also saw some softwares launched by some technology giants, everyone was very worried that we human interpreters would soon be replaced by machines. After testing the software created by Interprefy, I now think that those would-be eliminated interpreters are those who are NOT willing to learn new technology, not because this technology would take away their job! Big thanks to the effort and creativity undertaken by Interprefy, an old school interpreter like myself, who is now less worried and has fewer doubts about Remote SI, and now I have new views regarding the future of this profession.

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