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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Organisations in need of simultaneous interpreting inform Interprefy about their requirements: time of event as well as number of days, languages and users. The client can use his/her own interpreters or Interprefy will provide them through partners
  • Interprefy plans the event and configures the platform by generating the tokens needed
  • Certified interpreters can be provided through worldwide leading agencies, or clients can use their own interpreters.
  • At the day of the event, all involved parties log in with their relevant tokens: speakers, interpreters and the audience as well as a moderator, if any.
  • A daily fee is charged for the service. Frequent clients have the possibility to create and to manage events themselves through Interprefy’s Event Management Platform.
  • Last but not least your company will improve its CO2 footprint considerably.
  • Interpreters don’t have to travel to the event venue – they can work from anywhere, even far-away locations, thereby increasing their productivity.
  • The only equipment they need is a laptop with a browser and a good headset. No software needs to be installed
  • Interprefy’s platform is intuitive and easy to use. After a short training session, interpreters can start working right away
  • Instead of travelling and waiting on-site, interpreters can focus on what they are good at: delivering high-quality interpreting
  • At events with many languages, some interpreters can work in booths on-site, others may work remotely through the Interprefy platform.
Interprefy Cloud Platform: Features

High-Quality Audio and Video

  • Full bandwidth (20 Hz – 20kHz) audio at 48kHz sample rate; this is among the highest on the market and provides crystal-clear sound for the interpreters
  • Reliable connections with automatic line monitoring and auto-reconnect in the event of the Internet connection being interrupted
  • Compatible with traditional audio equipment and software: Dante, Bosch, Sennheiser, etc.
  • High-quality HD video of the speaker for the interpreters, at 720p resolution
  • Lip sync: sound and image are fully synchronised
  • Easy integration with existing cameras on site and simple switch between video channels
  • Large-scale events: thousands of users at one or many locations can be connected simultaneously

Ease of Use for Participants

  • User-friendly and versatile web interfaces for the speaker and audience, developed in close cooperation with users and experienced conference organisers. Mobile apps for iOS and Android, with easy selection of language channels within the app
  • Convenient login by typing in a single token once, no registration needed
  • Phone calls can be received and other apps can still be used while listening to interpreting
  • Low battery consumption allows users to listen for an entire day*

Intuitive interface for Interpreters

  • Clear and intuitive web interfaces developed in close collaboration with experienced interpreters and professional conference organisers
  • Relay simultaneous interpreting is simple and intuitive: fast one-click switch between languages
  • Interpreters can select between multiple videos of speakers and audience (if used at the venue)
  • Smart countdown timer, to facilitate the handover between interpreting booth partners
  • Integrated screen-sharing feature allows the speaker to share the presentation during the speech
  • Interpreters can chat with the speaker, their booth partner, or request help from the event moderator.

Event Management Centre for Partners

  • Complete overview of all your events: dates, times, location, languages, responsible managers and moderators, etc.
  • Event or company logo is visible on the App, reinforcing the partner’s or client’s brand identity
  • Simple 3-step event wizard that helps you adding new events and creating your own access tokens
  • Possibility to add event manager profiles, with their own logins and access limited to events they manage
  • Calendar with automatic synchronization between time zones
  • Video and audio files can be recorded for post event use
  • Time usage chart for event tracking
  • Advanced moderator interface provides a detailed overview of users and connections in real-time, allowing remote control of all microphones and channels.
Feedback from interpreters

Feedback from interpreters

The Interprefy platform was key to the success of one of our "think! Interpreting" sessions at the GALA 2017 in Amsterdam. A speaker could not attend physically, but was still able to present her research from the US and be interpreted into French by two conference interpreters working from home. Participants in the room could see and hear the presenter’s video and audio and see her presentation. They used their smartphones to listen to the interpreters who could see the presenter and slides. The presenter could see and hear the audience. The session went smoothly and the technology worked very well.

Prof. Barry S. Olsen, Interpreter and Co-President of InterpretAmerica

Feedback from interpreters

My experience was entirely positive. The software has now been refined to such an extent that interpreting from Italian to English proved exceptionally simple, thanks also to the clarity of the sound and the ease-of-use of the software. My English was then interpreted simultaneously into five or six other languages. The feedback from the other interpreters – which I received in real-time from all of them through the chat window – was that the whole system had worked flawlessly. Even if there had been problems, it would have been easy to resolve them rapidly and effectively, since everyone involved was linked up and was in constant communication. In short, the system is now working like a dream. Very well done to everyone at Interprefy, I’m convinced Interprefy’s solution has what it takes to trigger a hi-tech revolution in the interpreting industry!

Gordon Fisher from Liquid Translations Ltd in Glasgow

Feedback from interpreters

I have been working as a professional conference interpreter (SI & CI) for almost 25 years, mainly working both-ways with Chinese Mandarin, English and Spanish, French is my passive language. I have never thought that one day there would be such a magical technology to help me carry out my SI assignments. It allows me to work comfortably anywhere if the place is quiet and undisturbed. I do not need to be travelling around and suffering from jet-lags. Truly wonderful! Some colleagues already mentioned Remote SI technology a few years back, and I also saw software launched by technology giants. Everyone was very worried that we human interpreters would soon be replaced by machines. After testing the software created by Interprefy, I now think that those interpreters to -be eliminated are those who are NOT willing to learn new technology, not because this technology would take away their job! Big thanks to the effort and creativity undertaken by Interprefy from an old school interpreter like myself, who is now less worried and has fewer doubts about Remote SI, and new views regarding the future of this profession.

Li Tin Chu from Beijing, China

Feedback from interpreters

Interprefy is a fantastic remote interpreting platform. It is the only one that provides real time simultaneous interpreting with different language combinations. The audio and the streaming quality are great, and a smartphone is the only thing the attendants need in order to listen to the interpretation. I find it the perfect option both for conference managers and for conference interpreters.

Javier Sanchez Camacho Rodriguez de Guzman from Spain
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