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Interprefy provides remote simultaneous interpreting during 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos

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Zurich, Switzerland – January 31, 2018 – Premium remote simultaneous interpreting platform, Interprefy AG, delivered its platform at the Business Leaders Summit during the 2018 World Economic Forum (WEF) for attendees from several Chinese multinational companies, including Baidu. Delegates were able to listen and communicate seamless in real-time between Mandarin and English.

The conference, which included a speech by Sir Angus Stewart Deaton, Nobel Laureate for economics in 2015, was attended by senior business leaders to discuss economic progress in China. With specialist interpreters working in the cloud, Interprefy’s platform allowed event delegates to listen in the language of their choice through its dedicated appInterprefy-Davos


The summit, took place at Jatzhütte restaurant, on Jakobshorn mountain, overlooking Davos. At an altitude of 2560m and only accessible by a cable car and snow cat, the venue organisers would have had great difficulty in transporting cumbersome technical equipment required to provide traditional interpreting services. Furthermore, a storm the day prior to the conference had made access to the venue impossible.



“Organisations are beginning to realise they are able to make significant logistical, financial, administrative and environmental savings by using the Interprefy platform. This is particularly true for events like WEF in Davos, where it can be challenging to bring in specialist people and equipment. Instead, organisations can tap into the best interpreting talent in the world through our platform. Providing a service this high up in the Swiss Alps, gives a new meaning to the word, cloud platform,” said Kim Ludvigsen, CEO and Founder of Interprefy.

The event was organized by CMIG, Sina and Vivachinos. 




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