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Andrey Schukin photo interprefy team CTO

Andrey Schukin was born in Moscow, Russia, lived in Sweden for a long time and currently is based in Zurich.

He obtained an MSc in Engineering in Linkoping, Sweden, and later an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from NUBS, UK.

Andrey specialises in the development of innovative designs and new products. For last 10 years he has been managing most stages of new product development, including market research, idea selection and proof, IP protection, engineering, manufacturing implementation and product commercialisation.

Throughout his career, he has been working with large international corporations as well as small start-ups in Sweden, UK and Switzerland, in a wide range of different industries: from power generation and offshore engineering to consumer electronics.

He is passionate about product innovation, team dynamics and creative problem-solving, which drives him always to be on the lookout for new, more efficient ways to create better products.

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