Interprefy allows interpreting in situations and locations where it otherwise would not be possible. This leads to MORE interpreting jobs and thus an expansion of the market. It enables interpreters to be more time-efficient and flexible.

QUALITY is key and we use professional interpreters world-wide.

We are NOT an interpreting agency, but work globally with established language service providers and technology partners around the world.

Our CLIENTS decide which interpreters to use; whenever possible, we recommend certified interpreters and leading, established agencies.

Interpreters need not be present at the conference venue – they can be located and work from anywhere, thereby improving their uptime by avoiding the requirement to travel to the venue.

Working with the Interprefy platform, interpreters hear the speakers over VoIP and watch the conference via webcam. They can also work from booths at the organiser’s premises when providing interpreting services for events overseas.

Interprefy can provide turn-key solutions including interpreting at short notice using Interprefy’s in-house database of highly-qualified interpreters. Fully certified and tested, most of them belong to recognised interpreting associations.

If the client prefers to use its own interpreters, we can easily instruct them on how to use our platform.

Feedback from interpreters

My experience was entirely positive. The software has now been refined to such an extent that interpreting from Italian to English proved exceptionally simple, thanks also to the clarity of the sound and the ease-of-use of the software. My English was then interpreted simultaneously into five or six other languages. The feedback from the other interpreters – which I received in real-time from all of them through the chat window – was that the whole system had worked flawlessly. Even if there had been problems, it would have been easy to resolve them rapidly and effectively, since everyone involved was linked up and was in constant communication. In short, the system is now working like a dream. Very well done to everyone at Interprefy, I’m convinced Interprefy’s solution has what it takes to trigger a hi-tech revolution in the interpreting industry!
Gordon Fisher from Liquid Translations Ltd in Glasgow

Feedback from interpreters

I have been working as a professional conference interpreter (SI & CI) for almost 25 years, mainly working both-ways with Chinese Mandarin, English and Spanish, French is my passive language. I have never thought that one day there would be such a magical technology to help me to carry out my SI assignments. It allows me to work comfortably anywhere I find quiet and undisturbed, I do not need to be travelling around and suffering from jet-lags. Truly wonderful! Some colleagues already mentioned about Remote SI technology a few years back, I also saw some softwares launched by some technology giants, everyone was very worried that we human interpreters would soon be replaced by machines. After testing the software created by Interprefy, I now think that those would-be eliminated interpreters are those who are NOT willing to learn new technology, not because this technology would take away their job! Big thanks to the effort and creativity undertaken by Interprefy, an old school interpreter like myself, who is now less worried and has fewer doubts about Remote SI, and now I have new views regarding the future of this profession.

Li Tin Chu from Beijing, China

Feedback from interpreters

Interprefy is a fantastic remote interpreting platform. Is the only one that provides real time simultaneous interpreting with different language combinations. The audio and the streaming quality are great, and a smartphone is the only thing the attendants need in order to listen to the interpretation. I find it the perfect option both for conference managers and for conference interpreters.
Javier Sanchez Camacho Rodriguez de Guzman from Spain

New Opportunities For Interpreters By Using The Interprefy Platform

  • Interpreters can offer their clients a fully integrated interpreting service with Interprefy as their technology partner.
  • Interpreters can therefore develop a new market segment consisting of workshops, seminars and smaller conferences with 10-20 delegates – a segment that, until now, has not used interpreting services due to the high costs involved.
  • Interpreters can work at more events, where previously organisers had to reduce the number of foreign delegates to lower the budget and/or because the venue had no space for extra booths.
  • Interpreters have an opportunity to work at those events where additional languages and/or interpreting at short notice are required, and even at locations where there is no possibility of setting up booths.
  • As no travelling is required, interpreters can comfortably work at more events, thus increasing their productivity.
  • When the organisation stages events overseas, interpreters have the opportunity to work from booths just like they used to do
  • As delegates can listen to and watch the event remotely, interpreters can interpret for people located overseas.

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