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Interprefy Just Got More User-Friendly 15.09.2016 photo one news

Inspired by feedback from experienced interpreters, our new user-friendly interpreter interface makes switching between languages more intuitive and simple.

Our new features include:

  •  An Improved and simplified design - no more scrolling is required!

  •  Quick & easy set-up for relay interpreting

  •  Fast one-click switch between different language combinations (i.e. Floor to Target Language, Relay to Target Language, Floor to Relay)

  •  Intuitive Mute and Video on/off button

If you are not ready to use the new interface, don’t fret! All you have to do is use your existing e-token and replace the “e” with an “o” when entering it into the login field. However, the old interface will no longer be accessible at the end of October.

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