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Interprefy interprets theatre performance 03.08.2015

Tage Larsen, Actor at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Holstebro, DK:

"Interprefy provided simultaneous interpreting from Italian into English of my performance: “My Life on Stage with Theater Props”. My condition was that I wouldn’t have to wear a microphone attached to my body.

As far as I understood from the audience’s reaction, the interpreting session was a great success. The professional interpreter in Glasgow had video connection and good sound quality of the small stage outside, and Interprefy had established three independent ways of listening to the interpreter - through a browser based connection, by down­loading the Interprefy app (as I tried myself) and by calling a local Italian landline telephone number. I am pleased to recommend Interprefy and will in the future use this technology at other workshops at Odintheatret."

Chiara D’Ambros, RAI and Expo 2015 Milano, Italy:

"Together with an audience of about 130 people, I saw the actor Tage Larsen from perform on 02.08.15 a work demonstration in Italian, which I was able to listen to in English thanks to the remote simultaneous interpreting provided by Interprefy.

The sound quality – in spite a distance of up to 5m between actor and microphone- and the professional interpreter in Glas­gow were very convincing. The Interprefy solution can easily be used for similar events worldwide."

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