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Interprefy Has Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Winkler 28.08.2016 photo one news

Winkler Multi Media Events is Switzerland’s leading event-solution provider for multimedia and three-dimensional live communication. Their services ranges from developing the ideas through to turning them into reality.

Winkler Multi Media Events has set up a new Business Innovation department in order to further develop its own business fields and also to integrate the new options being opened up by digitisation for its customers at an early stage.

One of the digital solutions that Winkler is adding to their list of services is Interprefy technology. Interprefy and Winkler will work together using a special W-LAN system, provided by the latter. Winkler’s W-Lan system is about to provide independent Wi-Fi hotspots for an enormous amount of users.

Since Interprefy’s software is used on smartphones, this is the perfect pairing. Now, despite the number of people attending an event, everyone will be able to access Interprefy’s software at the same time over Winkler’s wifi solution.


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