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How it works



Having downloaded the Interprefy app, conference delegates can use their own smartphones, tablets or laptops to hear the interpreters with HD quality sound.

A token is entered in order to connect to the right language room.

In the event that delegates cannot attend an event in person, they can still log in and listen remotely – event organisers thus have the opportunity to involve more participants in various locations.

At venues with a poor Wi-Fi connection – or specifically in the event that the client wishes to avoid smartphones – traditional headsets, standard IR/radio transmitters can be used to stream audio. The use experience is therefore unchanged vis-à-vis a traditional set-up.

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Depending on the conference room, the speaker speaks either into a microphone connected to the local audio system, or, in the event of small meetings, into a microphone connected directly to the Interprefy platform.

Interprefy’s set-up allows for the input not only of those speakers who are on-site, but also of speakers who can participate remotely, being streamed to the audience using the Interprefy platform.

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Interpreters need not be present at the conference venue – they can be located and work from anywhere, thereby improving their uptime by avoiding the requirement to travel to the venue.

Working with the Interprefy platform, interpreters hear the speakers over VoIP and watch the conference via webcam. They can also work from booths at the organiser’s premises when providing interpreting services for events overseas.

Interprefy can provide turn-key solutions including interpreting at short notice using Interprefy’s in-house database of highly-qualified interpreters. Fully certified and tested, most of them belong to recognised interpreting associations.

If the client prefers to use its own interpreters, we can easily instruct them on how to use our platform.

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What are the steps?

A client/event organiser enters the interpreting requirements directly into the platform (start time/date, end time/date, number of languages, number of participants requiring interpreting, location, etc.) and places the order/confirms the quote.
Interprefy configures the event electronically and supplies the organiser with access codes (tokens) for the moderators, interpreters and conference delegates.
Conditions at the venue and the technical requirements need to be assessed. The Wi-Fi at the venue should be checked in advance. If the quality is insufficient, Interprefy can provide various technical solutions, linking up Interprefy’s technology to the existing on-site equipment.
Interpreters log in via Interprefy’s interpreter web interface or connect in their booths. They should use an Ethernet cable.
Before the conference starts, delegates download the Interprefy mobile app, log in with the token provided and connect using their earphones. Alternatively, traditional IR headsets can also be used. Let the Interpreting begin!

User Experience

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