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Interprefy uses state-of-the-art communication technology that provides high-quality sound even under poor network conditions.

A super-wideband connection with up to 12.5kHz frequency range is used, with flexible adjustments based on the available bandwidth.

The sound quality we deliver is, therefore, superior to that which can be achieved with traditional remote connections.

  • Minimum 2 Mbps download/upload for video + additional 0.5 Mbps down/up for each audio channel/language. If attendees connect through standard broadcasting equipment and radio/IR headsets, the above bandwidth is sufficient, otherwise additional capacity should be set aside for streaming to the audience.
  • When streaming to attendees through laptops, tablets or smartphones, minimum 0.2 Mbps download per user is required.
  • Ping on any connected devices must be below 50ms
  • Maximum of 20 devices per wireless access point (Wi-Fi router)
  • When connecting the PCs of the interpreter(s) and the speaker(s), an Ethernet cable connection is preferable.
  • Use mobile Speedtest app ( to test bandwidth and ping, testing several times in different places of the room
  • Y-splitter can be used to reduce the number of devices.


  • Interprefy applies best practices for network security – a 128-bit encryption across all communication streams is used; SRTP encryption is used for media and DTLS-SRTP for key negotiation.  
  • Interprefy’s software is installed on dedicated servers on several continents  
  • Separate cloud-based sessions and language rooms – which are accessed by individual tokens – are created for each event  
  • Guarantees that no voice data is recorded or stored can be provided, unless required by the client 
  • Confidentiality is assured – the interpreters provided by Interprefy and the staff have all signed NDAs  

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