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Interprefy is an opportunity - benefit from it

Interprefy is not an interpreting agency; rather, we work with established language
service providers and technical partners worldwide, which provide the necessary
support before and during an event.

Benefits for our partners

Offer your clients a state-of-the-art remote interpreting service using cloud-based technology, with Interprefy as a technology partner.
Benefit from additional business opportunities through the Interprefy Partner Network.
Manage your events directly on the Interprefy platform with the Event Management Centre (EMC).
Receive professional technical and marketing support on remote interpreting.
Create your own branded solution for remote interpreting through white labelling

We welcome new partners to join our international partner network:


If you are an LSP/Interpreting agency:

Extend your geographic reach - provide interpreting wherever your customers go Increase your flexibility by deploying your best interpreters more efficiently in terms of geography and time Create a pleasant working environment for interpreters – in your office or at your technical partners’ premises Develop new market segments such as seminars and workshops, where interpreting services have previously not been provided.

If you are an AV/Technical provider:

Use the Interprefy technology as an add-on to your existing, traditional equipment: Interprefy is compatible with your current interpreting hardware and software (Bosch, Sennheiser, Dante etc.) Set up workspace for the interpreters working from booths in your office for remote events Decrease project management time and logistics costs Simplify your installation and technical support while increasing your margin

If you are an Event agency/PCO/Venue:

Increase flexibility – enable your clients to book the best interpreters worldwide, working remotely at a short notice Gain efficiency by saving time and costs from not having to transport, install and dismantle booths and other equipment on site Provide interpreting at events in difficult-to-reach locations or where space is limited Benefit from Interprefy’s extensive global network of Language Service Providers and Technical Partners
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