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Customer Stories

More than 6,000 students inspired by group tours at major careers fair


Every 2 years, during 6 days, a wide-range of jobs and training courses in Valais and French-speaking Switzerland are at discussed and presented at Your Challenge, in Martigny. During six days in February 2018, Your Challenge, an educational fair in the Swiss town of Martigny took place. The event provides young students with a chance to explore potential career paths and find inspiration through practical demonstrations throughout the exhibition halls. Interprefy's platform was used to provide students with group tours of the event.

The Challenge

The building in which the careers fair is held is large and noise travels easily. This made the tours challenging and the speaker was not heard well by students, often in groups of up to 30.

The Approach

To ensure maximum engagement, Interprefy’s platform was used to provide audio streaming for group tours. With numerous tours running simultaneously, students could download the Interprefy app onto their phones and listen directly to the tour guide.

The Outcome

The Interprefy platform was highly reliable, even when scaled up to cater for numerous tours throughout the 42 exhibition halls. Over the four-day event, more than 6,000 students downloaded the Interprefy app to listed in to their tour guide at Your Challenge.
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