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Five things you need to know about remote simultaneous interpretation Kim Ludvigsen Many people overlook interpreting services simply because they hold a number misconceptions. These are often unfounded or out of date. It’s time to realise… Read more
Pioneering change with technology Kim Ludvigsen What does Swiss psychiatrist and balloonist, Bertrand Piccard and the Interprefy team have in common? Aside from heaps of ambition, we share a commitment… Read more
TOP MARKET PLAYERS present their RSI platforms to AIIC Kim Ludvigsen AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters, is one of the world’s most prestigious interpreter associations. It consists of around… Read more
Conquering the Americas Kim Ludvigsen A premium platform for Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) combined with a superior team of interpreters is the prerequisite for offering top-quality… Read more
A day in the life of an interpreter Jeannette Oersted Interpreters live exciting lives. No two days are the same. They are always on the go and they are their own masters with a lot of freedom – and how about… Read more
GALA2017 Kim Ludvigsen The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the world's leading trade association for the language industry. On March 26-27, Oddmund and I… Read more
In the line of fire - Presenting RSI to the EU commission Kim Ludvigsen The Directorate General for Interpretation (DG Interpretation – also known as SCIC) is the European Commission’s interpreting service and conference organiser.… Read more
Will interpreters be replaced by technology? Kim Ludvigsen RSI is just another technological innovation and part of the constant technology progress which has been going on since our forefathers took a tool in… Read more
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