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Interprefy your event.
Anytime. Anywhere.

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Interprefy provides a premium cloud-based platform for video remote interpreting of conferences, workshops and similar events.
Interprefy revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by using standard IT equipment instead of specialized hardware. Interpreters work remotely from laptops with stable, high-quality sound and video from the event. The audience on site hear their crystal clear voices through smartphones.
By eliminating interpreter booths and other cumbersome equipment and by saving travel expenses, total costs of interpreting can be considerably reduced. This leads to MORE interpreting and an improved quality.
To ensure high quality delivery and the best support Interprefy works with the best language service providers and established technology partners worldwide.
Interprefy your event. Anytime. Anywhere.


24/7 GLOBAL SERVICE Take advantage of a highly reliable cloud-based platform and event support through the Interprefy Partner Network (IPN)
INCREASED FLEXIBILITY Provide video remote interpreting at any event, anytime, anywhere, for any number of languages and any size of audience.
REDUCED COSTS AND LOWER COMPLEXITY Utilise the best interpreters worldwide without additional logistics costs.
FULL COMPATIBILITY Exploit the compatibility of the Interprefy platform with traditional interpreting hardware and software (Bosch, Sennheiser, Dante etc.)
ECO-FRIENDLY SUSTAINABLE INTERPRETING Protect the environment by reducing your CO2 footprint and reduce the pollution generated by travelling.
HIGH-QUALITY SWISS SOLUTION Benefit from Swiss technology and an experienced management team based in Zurich


interprefy events of any size

At small and medium-sized events, such as seminars, workshops, sales meetings. At large conferences with only a few delegates in need of interpreting services.

interprefy events of any LENGTH

For events organised or modified at short notice. For assignments lasting from a few hours up to several days.

interprefy events in any language

In cases where additional languages could be offered. For events where interpreting to/from rare languages is needed.

interprefy events at any location

For events at difficult-to-reach locations (remote islands, resorts, mountains) When there is not enough space or budget for the interpretation booths.
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