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Company overview




Interprefy is a Swiss technology company that provides a cloud-based software platform for remote simultaneous interpreting for meetings, conferences and events.

Headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland. In addition, Interprefy has an office in Chicago, USA, which caters to clients in Northern and Southern America.

Using the Interprefy platform, interpreters work remotely from the premises of leading Language Service and Audio Visual Providers, who are part of the worldwide Interprefy Partner Network. There is NO MORE hassle and additional overheads caused by covering accommodation and travel expenses for interpreters.

Participants use either an app on their smartphones or traditional radio headsets, to listen to the language of their choice. There is no need for on-site interpreting hardware; however, if preferred, Interprefy’s technology can be combined with traditional interpreting equipment.

With Interprefy, equipment and travelling costs can be almost eliminated. Interpreting services become more affordable, easier to use and more flexible - providing interpreting at any time, in any location, in any language, and for any number of participants.

How the Interprefy business idea was born:

When I worked in business development at Swiss Post, I saw how many events required interpreting services in order to ensure comprehension among the Swiss national languages. I found the technology very old-fashioned and the proprietary equipment used both cumbersome to transport and expensive to rent. I reckoned that – in a similar way to other communication services – simultaneous interpreting could be dramatically improved by using standard IT hardware and by implementing state-of-the-art Internet and smartphone technologies. Having left Swiss Post, I started working on this concept, and in due course a team was created and a company set up. Today, three years later, Interprefy is a consolidated business with a dedicated management team and well-established products.” 

Kim Ludvigsen, Founder & CEO


 “My team and I realized early on that technology would change the way simultaneous interpretation is done. Yet we also understood that only humans can interpret accurately at professional events. As we met Interprefy in 2015 we were impressed by their cloud-based platform, developed with technical excellence and a brilliant design which resulted in a seamless experience for both event participants and interpreters. By combining our interpretation expertise and Interprefy’s innovative technology, we began a great partnership to bring RSI to new global markets.

 David Medrano, General Manager Interprefy USA

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Our team

photo our team Kim Ludvigsen Founder & CEO
photo no image Kim Ludvigsen Founder & CEO

Kim Ludvigsen was born 1958 and grew up in Denmark. He lives in Zürich and graduated in Civil Engineering from the ETH in 1981 and has an MBA from INSEAD 1986. He worked for Accenture, Apax Partners and Ernst & Young and later co-founded several start-ups.
In 2014 he met with Peter Frei, a former colleagues form the Swiss Post, with whom he conceived the Interprefy business idea.

photo our team Torben Duer Chairman of the Board
photo no image Torben Duer Chairman of the Board

The Chairman of the Board, Torben Duer, is Swiss/Danish and born in Århus, Denmark.

He is CEO of the Dantherm HVAC Group, a market-leading supplier of energy-efficient climate control solutions.

He is also Chairman of the Danish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and as a business angel, he has invested in various technology start-ups.

photo our team Norbert Albin Board Member
photo no image Norbert Albin Board Member

Norbert Albin is Swiss and was born in 1956 in Disentis, Graubunden. Today he lives with his family outside Zurich. Norbert had a very successfull international banking career with UBS in Europe and in Asia. He did his MBA at INSEAD in 1987. Together with his partner André Kistler he started in 1995 the Wealth and Asset Management Company ,,Albin Kistler" ( 

photo our team Oddmund Braaten COO
photo no image Oddmund Braaten COO

Oddmund Braaten is Norwegian and lives in Baar. He has an engineering degree from University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Later he has attended various leadership programs at IMD and Insead.

He had a long career in Telecoms, working for Telenor, T-Mobile and Sunrise where he was leading Product Development and Strategy. Since leaving in 2008, he has been a key player in two successful Swiss start-ups.

photo our team Andrey Schukin CTO
photo no image Andrey Schukin CTO

Andrey Schukin was born in Moscow, Russia, lived in Sweden for a long time and currently is based in Zurich.

He obtained an MSc in Engineering in Linkoping, Sweden, and later an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from NUBS, UK.

Andrey specialises in the development of innovative designs and new products. For the past 10 years he has been managing most stages of new product development, including market research, idea selection and proof, IP protection, engineering, manufacturing implementation and product commercialisation, working with large international corporations as well as start-ups.

He is passionate about product innovation, team dynamics and creative problem-solving, which drives him always to be on the lookout for new, more efficient ways to create better products.

photo our team Anna Titlova Head of Sales and Marketing
photo no image Anna Titlova Head of Sales and Marketing

Anna was born 1985 in Odessa, Ukraine and in 2008, she graduated from the Odessa National Polytechnic University.

Anna has 13 years of experience in business development, sales and marketing of B2B projects from scratch. She is also a skilful specialist in brand management, marketing research, negotiations and establishment of long-term relations with foreign and domestic partners.

photo our team Aleks Sandor Milovanovic Senior Project Manager
photo no image Aleks Sandor Milovanovic Senior Project Manager

Aleks is Hungarian and lives in Zurich, Switzerland. In South Africa where Aleks grew up and studied, he worked for the biggest fashion house in the southern hemisphere, "The House of Busby" as a Head of Sandton Trading IT for over 6 years. Thereafter he moved to Zurich, where he worked for HP Switzerland before joining Interprefy. Aleks organizes events locally and remotely in his role as Senior Project Manager.

photo our team Johann Bregand Sales Manager
photo no image Johann Bregand Sales Manager

Johann Bregand was born in France and lives close to Geneva, Switzerland. He has a master’s degree in Sales and Marketing from Université de Savoie, France. After personal and professional experiences in Slovakia, Spain, Argentina and Colombia, he worked for the last seven years as business developer for fast-moving digital companies, including Groupon Switzerland and Deindeal AG. With strong skills in sales negotiations and overseeing B2B projects from scratch, Johann is a dynamic and personable.

photo our team David Medrano Board Member, General Manager, Interprefy USA
photo no image David Medrano Board Member, General Manager, Interprefy USA

David is a seasoned executive with more than fifteen years in the language interpretation industry and with a passion for marketing and sales. While working as a judicial and conference interpreter in the United States, he co-founded InterpreNet, Ltd. a successful interpretation services company based in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in the Canary Islands, Spain, and is fluent in Spanish and English and has extensive knowledge of French. David has an International Baccalaureate from St. Clare’s College in Oxford, England and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Bath in England.

photo our team Greg McEwan Head of Communications
photo no image Greg McEwan Head of Communications

Greg is a seasoned communications and marketing specialist. He specialises in working with disruptive, fast-growth technology brands. Greg has considerable experience in creating and implementing communications strategies in an international context and his areas of expertise cover analyst relations, branding, corporate social responsibility, digital marketing and public relations.

photo our team Richard Roocroft Senior Sales Manager APAC
photo no image Richard Roocroft Senior Sales Manager APAC

Richard has spent the last 15 years building successful sales strategies and effective teams in SaaS businesses globally. Seen by most as outgoing, flexible and fearless, Richard rises to meet any challenge in a very assertive way. He is a natural manager and finds himself in command through his ability to plan and keep both long and short-term objectives clearly in mind. He has a drive for tangible accomplishment and correctness with a leaning towards perfection. He is a blockchain enthusiast, cycling crazy and a proud husband/father with an appetite for travel – which he likes to thoroughly document on Instagram.

photo our team Todd Brennan Senior Sales Manager, Northern Europe
photo no image Todd Brennan Senior Sales Manager, Northern Europe
photo our team 森みゆき / Miyuki Mori Sales Manager, Japan
photo no image 森みゆき / Miyuki Mori Sales Manager, Japan
photo our team 千葉 容子 / Yoko Chiba Sales Manager, Japan
photo no image 千葉 容子 / Yoko Chiba Sales Manager, Japan

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