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Interpreter services for Financial Services

Banks, financial institutions and insurance companies are increasingly international. While English is recognized as a business language in many parts of the world, industry jargon is often complex and intricate. International regulation makes it ever more important for financial organizations to work effectively across borders.

Interpreter services for finance and insurance organizations

Whether you are hosting a boardroom meeting, seminar, conference or teleconference on an online conferencing platform, it is critical to identify an interpreter with appropriate knowledge of the financial services sector. This has been a significant challenge, because interpreters with the right skill set are often based far away and have to be flown in from long distances to provide interpreting services onsite.

Interprefy online meetings interpreter services

Make your finance event stand out

Because Remote Simultaneous Interpretation allows for the interpreter to work from an autonomous office in any location, we can always find the right interpreters for your event or meeting. In fact, we partner with some of the world’s leading language service providers in order to locate interpreters with specific experience and knowledge of your industry, for your event.

"We would like to thank you for the translation services you provided for our guests. They were very happy with it."

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