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Interpreter services for Sports

If you are looking for interpreting for sports, look no further. Finding interpreters with specialist knowledge of your sports is already challenging enough. But then you have to arrange for travel and accommodation before hiring interpreting booths and radio headsets.

Take your press conference to a new dimension

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting is ideally suited for sports events and meetings. Because Interprefy partners with language service providers across the world, we can rapidly identify interpreters with the right language combinations and with the right subject knowledge to cover your event or meeting. Whether it’s a press conference, a fitness workshop, online meeting or a large onsite conference, Interprefy’s solution with Remote Simultaneous Interpretation will help your event stand out with high-level conference interpreters to ensure your delegates don’t miss a thing.

“The sound quality was crystal clear, there were no interruptions and everything went smoothly. I recommend everyone to use Interprefy's remote simultaneous interpreting solution. It allows you to offer a flexible and high-level service at a reasonable cost.”

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  Press conference event manager A world-leading football association

See how a major football association held a multilingual press conference following a championship game, with full interpreting services

Interpeting services sports

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