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Interprefy presents at the Tolk&Vertaalcongres in Amsterdam 20.03.2016 photo one news

The Dutch translator and interpreter and association Tolk&Vertaalcongres held its first national conference in Hilversum, close to Amsterdam, on March 12-13, 2016. Interprefy was invited to give a presentation.

The conference it was attended by approximately 700 translators, interpreters and agency representatives, mainly from Holland and Belgium. Interpreting from English into Dutch and French as well as from Dutch into French and English was organised with on-site interpreters.

The conference took place in a theatre and two interpreter booths were placed on the stage, behind the speaker podium. Interpreter students had in between the opportunity to interpret into further languages.

Interprefy offered additional interpreting into Italian and German, which about a dozen delegates tested on their smartphones. The German interpreter was also connected to the IR-transmitting equipment, allowing the participants hear him on the standard handsets as well. The conference was a great success and many new contacts were created.

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