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Interprefy together with Winkler Supported Women at the SKO Event 09.09.2016 photo one news

On September 6, 2016 at the SIX Point Convention Center, the Schweizer Kader Organization (SKO) hosted an event for women empowerment. The event provided attendees with practical tips and tricks on how to combine their expertise, knowledge, and courage to create powerful networks & relationships.

The main speakers at the event were Swiss TV chef, Meta Hiltebrand; international speaker & lawyer, Gerlinde Manz-Christ; Swedish actress, Inger Nilsson; and the Corporate Communications Manager of FIFA, Honey Thaljieh.

Winkler provided it’s brand-new W-Lan system, which allowed to stream interpreting from German into English and vice versa to around 70 women, who used their smartphones, while an additional 30 women used traditional radio headsets.

It was exciting to witness a group of women not only willing, but excited, to download the Interprefy app on their smartphones to receive translation services. Interprefy was definitely a hit! 








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