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Partnerships with Swiss AV (or equipment) providers 07.06.2016 photo one news

Interprefy has started to build relationships with various technology companies and we have officially signed agreements with Imavox (Planitswiss) and Bluetrac in Switzerland.

Imavox has created Planitswiss that is a one-stop event solutions provider that offers a wide-range of event planning and creative services that deliver quality results for all your meetings and events, while Imavox themselves offer services from live-streaming to technical support mostly in French-speaking part of Switzerland.

In addition, Bluetrac AG has developed into one of the leading Swiss service providers in the field of event and conference technology in German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Partnering with Interprefy means that no matter what the event is that is taking place, they will always have an interpreter available for their events.

Meanwhile Imavox or Bluetrac can now focus strictly on the event planning at hand, Interprefy will take care of providing the interpreters for whatever languages they are requiring, whenever and wherever they need them.

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