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Eight languages in parallel at SIX Convention Point 15.01.2016

On January 13, 2016 a multipurpose test took place in a conference hall at SIX ConventionPoint in the Swiss Stock Exchange building in Zuerich.

All tests were successful and both SIX and the equipment rental company representatives were impressed. Interprefy clearly demonstrated with its platform how:

  • Large number of languages can be interpreted simultaneously, contrary to traditional set-ups with booths, there are no physical restrictions to the number of languages possible
  • Interpreter pairs can easily hand-over, even when working  at different locations
  • Relay interpreting from many languages into many languages works well
  • Hybrid solutions consisting of on-site equipment connected to Interprefy's platform can easily be set-up

The interpreters were all enthusiastic and remained logged in from 12 to 4 pm - in long periods on hold - without becoming demotivated. All of them expressed positive feedback and their suggestions for improvement were gathered in a separate list. Li Tin Chu stated: "I've been interpreting for 20 years, but never dreamt of this coming!"

Gordon Fisher from Liquid Translations Ltd in Glasgow wrote: "My experience was entirely positive. The software has now been refined to such an extent that interpreting from Italian to English proved exceptionally simple, thanks also to the clarity of the sound and the ease-of-use of the software. My English was then interpreted simultaneously into five or six other languages. The feedback from the other interpreters – which I received in real-time from all of them through the chat window – was that the whole system had worked flawlessly. Even if there had been problems, it would have been easy to resolve them rapidly and effectively, since everyone involved was linked up and was in constant communication. In short, the system is now working like a dream. Very well done to everyone at Interprefy, I’m convinced Interprefy's solution has what it takes to trigger a hi-tech revolution in the interpreting industry!"

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