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Interprefy wins the 2015 Language Technology Innovate Award

Zurich, Switzerland - 8 June 2015: Interprefy has won the prestigious Language Technology Innovation Award. Following a comprehensive presentation of the company's technology, growth trajectory and plans for further product development, Interprefy was recognized for its innovative approcah.

LT-Innovate is the Association of the Language Technology Industry. It gathers top executives of companies developing intelligent content technologies, interactive communication technologies & multi- and cross-lingual processing technologies.

Interprefy has developed a browser-based interpreting platform that not only enables interpreters to work remotely but also allows participants to use their smartphones as headsets. On June 7, 2015, Interprefy received the LT-Innovate Award for creating a language technology that helps make the world intelligent, multilingual and interactive.

Interprefy award winner LT Innovate
  LT Innovate Winner2015
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