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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Interpretation at Your Event or Meeting

Specialized interpreters provide simultaneous interpreting remotely, from controlled environments.

Meeting attendees can listen to real-time interpreting in the language of their choice through the Interprefy app.

Interprefy’s dedicated technical support team can be based on site or remotely to provide assistance to interpreters as well as the AV and IT teams before and throughout your event.

What is remote simultaneous interpreting?
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Built to work with you, whatever your process

Interprefy is for events and meetings of all sorts. Whether it’s for boardroom meetings, multi-hub online conferences, international meetings or larger conferences with hundreds of attendees, Interprefy’s platform can be scaled to meet your needs in as many languages as required.

Hosting an online meeting? Our gateway solution allows you to facilitate your online meeting in multiple language using your favourite platform. Interprefy can integrate with any online video conferencing software.

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Find the interpreter service to suit your event

Scalability and flexibility are at the core of all our products. Maybe your event is in a remote location. Perhaps you require specialist interpreters with an in-depth knowledge of your industry. You might have your own preferred interpreters. In any case, we’ve got it covered.

Interprefy’s platform can be customized to suit your event. Attendees and delegates can listen to the language of their choice by simply downloading the dedicated app. Alternatively, we can arrange for radio headsets to be supplied.

Interprefy EventPro
Interprefy works with organizations to provide interpreting for onsite meetings and events of any size. It can be scaled up or down according to meet your requirements, giving you limitless possibilities.
  • Host events for limitless attendees in as many languages as required
  • No need to hire booths or radio headsets
  • Benefit from Interprefy’s technical support team prior to and throughout the event
  • Reduce costs and administration
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Interprefy WEBMEET
In a globalized world, an increasing number of meetings are held online, saving time, money and the environment. Interprefy WebMeet is a user-friendly tool to boost engagement by allowing your meeting or event to take place in multiple languages.
  • Host online meetings and events on Interprefy or your preferred platform
  • Offer participants video conferencing in multiple languages
  • Participate on your computer or from your smart device
  • Organize multilingual meetings at short notice
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Interprefy CLASSROOM
Interprefy Classroom can host up to 100 speakers, with one Chairperson. This is ideal interactive tool for presentations, workshops and lectures.
  • Organise online workshops or lectures
  • Provide the chairperson with a full overview of the meeting and control who is speaking
  • Allow any attendee to become a presenter and easily share documents
  • Hand raise tool for participants to facilitate questions and engagement
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Remote simultaneous interpretation features

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    HD Audio and Video

    Crystal clear audio and high-definition video for all participants

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    2-Factor Authentication

    2FA by SMS or email can be enabled on all logins for additional security

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    Large-scale Events

    Our content distribution network can handle thousands of concurrent users

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    Specialized hardware

    Interprefy develops its own AV hardware for optimal quality and reliability of transmission.

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    Enterprise-grade 128-bit encryption of all audio and video streams

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    Moderator panel

    Moderator has full overview and remote control over channels and each user’s settings

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    Integration with traditional audio equipment and common online meeting platforms.

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    Automatic real-time captioning of the speech

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The industry's most advanced security

  • Interprefy applies best practices for network security – a 128-bit encryption across all communication streams is used; SRTP encryption is used for media and DTLS-SRTP for key negotiation.
  • Interprefy’s software is installed on dedicated servers on several continents
  • Separate cloud-based sessions and language rooms – which are accessed by individual tokens – are created for each event
  • Guarantees that no voice data is recorded or stored can be provided, unless required by the client
  • Confidentiality is assured – the interpreters provided by Interprefy and the staff have all signed NDAs
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