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Customer Stories

Amway hosts multilingual events in rare language combination at Sydney venue and Bahamas cruise ship


Amway is the world’s leading direct selling business, according to the Direct Selling News Global 100. Established in 1959, with sales of $8.6 billion, Amway operates in more than 100 countries. They manufacture and distribute 450+ consumer products that support health and well-being. The company held two conferences at which interpreting was critical to success.

The Challenge

The direct selling organization holds regular summits for its partners and employees each year. Interpreting is crucial to enable cross-cultural communications and to effectively share best practices. For the first event, Interprefy was approached to provide interpreter services in Portuguese and Spanish. Because this language combination is not common among the interpreter pool base in Australia, the company would have to fly-in interpreters from far afield, if using a traditional set-up. This was regarded as too expensive.

For the event in the Bahamas on a cruise ship, it would have been impossible to install interpreter booths. Furthermore, interpretation was only required for a two-hour period along the seven-day trip. It would have been an unnecessary expense to fly-in and host interpreters.

The Approach

Interprefy supported the event project managers to build a plan, ensure all the requirements were met and to identify high-level conference-interpreters, based out of a hub in London. For the cruise ship event, Interprefy provided on-site support. Only couple of hours event. They didn’t want to rent booths for a whole event (7 days cruise trip) and to use them for only couple of hours.

The Outcome

Both events ran perfectly with quality interpretation in all languages.

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