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Association for the Prevention of Torture hosts two onsite and one online multilingual board meeting on Zoom meeting platform


The Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) is an international non-governmental organization focused on the prevention of torture and other acts of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment. Hosting board meetings in a virtual environment is always a challenge. This is particularly the case when representatives are spread over as many as 12 locations and communicate in different languages. Using the cloud based platform, Zoom Video Communications, meant that APT did not need to take up too much valuable time of board members in order for them to fly to its headquarters in Geneva. It also saves considerable time, money and carbon emissions. However, a challenge for the NGO had been the linguistic barriers between its board members. This made Interprefy an ideal solution.

"We were so satisfied with the interpretation during our meetings. It was the first time we use Zoom and remote interpreting with our Board Members, but everybody was very satisfied with the solution's technical prowess."

- Catherine Felder, Administrative Assistant at APT

The Challenge

The Association for the Prevention of Torture holds regular board meetings. With a highly international team working in an extremely delicate and complex field, language interpreting is crucial to ensure the organization benefits from the knowledge pool of its board and to engender engagement.

In the past, the organization had used traditional on-site interpreting delivered to participants through radio headsets. This proved logistically challenging to find a date that suited all participants and expensive, as board members had to be flown-in from different continents. Furthermore, APT had limited floor in its offices to accommodate interpreting booths.

The Approach

Interprefy initially worked with APT for its board meeting in Geneva, in May 2017. The event required a flexible set-up to allow for participants to take part in small meetings and discussions on complex themes. Interprefy came up with a simple set-up requiring just two laptops, a microphone and a video camera onsite. The Interprefy team worked onsite to ensure the event ran smoothly. APT's team was particularly pleased with the floorspace saving. The conference-level interpreters worked from London.

Owing to the success of the board meeting in May, APT selected Interpefy for its next board meeting. Participants joined via the Interprefy app, while the interpreters were once again based out of London.

For its third meeting using Interprefy, APT opted to go fully online. This was an environmental and cost-saving decision, with attendees based in Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, The Maldives, Switzerland, Tonga, the United States and two locations across the United Kingdom. The online meeting was conducted on the Zoom Video Conferencing platform. Interprefy integrated its interpreting platform using its Loop System. This ensures participants can listen to the source speaker with interpreting overlaid.

The Outcome

At all three meetings, APT was impressed with the technology, the interpreters and the time and cost saving that came with remote simultaneous interpreting. At the onsite meetings, no additional space was needed for booths and specialist AV equipment. A traditional interpreting service may not have been feasible for the smaller meetings.

The online meeting was an important step for APT. Given its success, the organization intends to conduct its future meetings in the same way. ​

“We wish to thank the interpreters for the high quality of the interpretation and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration.”

- Catherine Felder, Administrative Assistant at APT

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