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Universitätsspital Basel hosts series of presentations on the future of technology in medicine, in English and German


The Basel University Hospital is one of five university hospitals in Switzerland and the largest health centre in northwestern Switzerland. Digital Ethics Symposium team accompanies the process and research on digitization in medicine. With this symposium, they want to create a platform for the related ethical issues.

The Challenge

With an upcoming symposium, the university needed to make its presentations available to an international cohort of English and German-speaking participants. A major challenge was that the interpreters would need to be not only conference-level, but would also need to have a specialist knowledge area in medicine. It was difficult to find such interpreters regionally.

The Approach

Interperfy was able to source specialist interpreters who would be working remotely on the event.

The Outcome

The interpreting service was critical to the symposium's success and attendees were able to understand and be understood throughout the presentations which were held in both German and English.

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