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Customer Stories

Congress Rental Network Australia works with Interperfy to provide interpreting to 1,000+ on FM receivers


The Nuskin Star CreatorTrip invited employees that achieved significant sales targets to attend the conference in Australia. The event saw delegates fly in from various countries across the Asia Pacific, including China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia

The Challenge

Nuskin had not considered remote simultaneous interpreting but was keen to identify a more innovative solution for its large-scale event. Congress Rental Network put Interprefy forward, as a trusted partner.

The Approach

Interprefy was approached by its partner Congress Rental Network Australia to provide interpretation for more than 1,000 people in at the Town Hall in Sydney. Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesian. Interpreters located in their home locations provided the language interpretation for the event . Utilising the platform, the interpreters were able to conduct the interpretation via a laptop whilst watching a live stream of the event. Interpretation channels were distributed live to delegates via FM receivers supplied and distributed by the client throughout the session.

Nuskin interpreting at large conference
Nuskin: remote interpreting set-up at large conference

The Outcome

Users provided highly positive feedback and the event ran smoothly with the support of Interprefy's remote - and Congress Rental Network Australia's onsite teams.

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