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Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association runs two large conferences with breakouts in multiple languages


PARIMA is a not for profit professional association dedicated to develop risk management as a profession and provide a platform for Risk & Insurance managers to connect. It approached Interprefy to provide remote simultaneous interpreting at a forthcoming conference with a busy agenda and a complex set-up, with a main plenary and several breakout sessions.

The Challenge

The first time PARIMA approached Interprefy was for its upcoming event in Bangkok, Thailand. The event involved not just straightforward presentations, but also a series of breakout events to discuss different areas of risk management. When it came to interpreting requirements, this presented a challenge. When looking at installing interpreting booths in each breakout room, it soon became clear that costs would escalate quickly and that the booths would take up precious floorspace.

The second of PARIMA's events would take place in Tokyo, Japan. The event would focus on a range of specialist areas such as digital transformation, cyber risk, digital disruption, natural catastrophes, geo-political risk & regulatory and capital risk in Japan. PARIMA's event organizer was keen to broaden its reach to look beyond local interpreters, to identify interpreters with knowledge of these subject matters. As with the event in Bangkok, the Tokyo conference would involve several breakout sessions.

The Approach

For the event in Bangkok, Interprefy appointed interpreters to work remotely through its language service provider partner, InterpreNet. With more than 100 participants attending and moving around from the main room to breakout sessions, radio headsets were not an attractive solution. The Interprefy solution was therefore made available through the Interprefy app. This was ideal, as PARIMA did not know the precise number of participants that would require interpreting and, using a traditional interpreting solution, would have had to over-provision to provide headsets to all attendees.

Similarly, for the event in Tokyo, Interprefy provided interpreters with specialist knowledge of the subject areas covered. In this case, Interprefy sourced its own interpreters to deliver simultaneous interpreting to more than 100 participants through their smart devices.

Interpreting services at large conference
PARIMA makes its conference multilingual

The Outcome

The Interprefy solution worked seamlessly across the plenary and three break-out rooms in Bangkok and during the entirety of the conference in Tokyo. The customer benefitted from accessing specialist interpreters without having to pay for thief travel and accommodation, nor for the cumbersome equipment used in a traditional set-up.

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