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Roche reduces expenditure and wins back floorspace at two-day event held in five languages, with main plenary and break-outs


Roche AG is a Swiss multinational healthcare company that operates worldwide. Interprefy provided interpreting in five languages for this highly technical summit.

The Challenge

With a two-day event on a highly specialist area, the events team needed to ensure effective communication. The venue had limited floor space and what's more, there would be several break-out sessions in addition to the main plenary presentations. Interpreter services were vital because of the highly technical nature of the subject area and the fact that the audience was truly international. Traditional interpretation services were prohibitively expensive, but more, they were not feasible due to the space required to insert interpreter booths for 5 languages in the main hall and each of the three break-out rooms.

The Approach

Working hand-in-hand with event production company, aps, Interprefy provided project management throughout to ensure all the technical and logistical requirements were met. The in-house team looked globally for conference-level interpreters with specialist knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. Interpreters were identified through one of Interprefy's many partner language service providers, InterpreNet.

The Outcome

Take-up was high with users listening to interpreting on smartphones. Participants provided highly positive feedback about the ease of use and the quality of the interpreters.

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