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SWSD benefits from scalable and flexible remote simultaneous interpreting solution at international conference in Dublin


This conference is being organised on behalf of the International Federation of Social Workers, The International Schools of Social Work and the International Council on Social Welfare. The event took place in Dublin, Ireland 4-7 July 2018.

The main theme explored ‘Environmental and Community Sustainability: Human Solutions in Evolving Societies’. Some of the other themes covered were Income, wellbeing, employment and poverty, Identity, discrimination and social exclusion, Rights of families and children and others.

The Challenge

The team at SWSD was organizing a conference that would see attendees arrive from all over the world. Because the event was spread over four days, providing interpreting was a challenge. It would be expensive to hire AV booths and to cover the cost of interpreters' flights and accommodation was not feasible. Furthermore, the team was keen to provide interpreting in accordance with the demographic of its audience and, because it was not known where the majority of attendees would be coming from until shortly before the event, the team at SWSD was reluctant to commit to a traditional interpreting provider with inflexible contracts.

The Approach

Interprefy is committed to furthering social, educational and environmental progress. So the Intreprefy team was particularly pleased to be selected to provide remote simultaneous interpreting at the SWSD conference on social work, education and development, with the former President of Ireland as a keynote speaker.

The conference was being organized by professional conference organizer, MCI Group. The group had previously worked with Interperfy in Australia and the team in Ireland received a good reference from colleagues in Australia.

Because the nature of the conference organizing was fast-changing, Interprefy recognized that flexibility was key. SWSD need the ability not only to scale up or down the the number of attendees interpreting would be provisioned for, but also the exact combination of languages. Additionally, the agenda for the event was constantly changing, and therefore the technical set-up of the event needed constant updating.

Originally, the team had anticipated that it would need to provide Mandarin. But it later became clear that a significant number of registered attendees were coming from countries where Spanish was the predominant language. So interprefy was able to source conference-level specialist interpreters at short notice.

The Outcome

The event saw a number of high profile speakers in attendance, including the President of the Republic of Ireland. The interpreting was delivered through the Interprefy app for users on smartphones. SWSD saw considerable cost-savings at the four day event. It also benefitted from flexibility that would not typically be offered in a traditional set-up, whereby changes to the set-up and languages were made at a late stage in the process.

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